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Janifhurst Promises

Flex Clean, by Janifhurst

Flex Clean by Janifhurst is unique to commercial clients, Giving you control over your service. Setting your own budget even if that budget changes due to economic setbacks or improvements. If your situation changes so will we! Let us know your priorities and we will handle the rest!

Crystal Clear Service

When you receive a quote from Janifhurst Services you receive the complete picture. There are no hidden fees or added travel costs!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What does this mean? The receptionist may notice the front foyer appears dirty today and does not realize that We are scheduled bi-weekly and not nightly.  Having your staff understand the terms and conditions within the scope of work of our agreement is paramount to having no misunderstandings. That being said, we 100% stand behind our work! If, after any scheduled cleaning, you or your staff is left disappointed of our standards or quality of work, we want to know about it! Any complaints are guaranteed to be addressed within 24hours and Janifhurst will organize a return visit at NO EXTRA CHARGE to remedy the situation.

Honesty and Transparency

We make mistakes! We guarantee nothing less than a flawless resolution to our mistakes. If you’re not impressed by our efforts to fix our mistake we will send an additional cleaning service at no charge even if the Boss has to show up to fix it personally!


Janifhurst is proud to include 100% Eco-Friendly cleaning products within your quote at your Request.

Fully Bonded and Insured

Janifhurst is fully bonded and insured. Providing piece of mind in any setting.

Background Checks

All applicants of Janifhurst are required to give a criminal record check.  Applicants are only hired if they hold a clean and clear background check